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Written testimonials from Clients

I have been practicing and teaching Kung Fu and other martial arts for many years.  I have high standards when it comes to other people teaching me!  Naya’s classes are always enjoyable! She has a caring demeanor and is clearly passionate about Pilates and life in general.  Naya is masterful at sequencing her classes, gives particularly clear instruction, and always has a modification ready if for some reason someone has an issue with a particular exercise.  Naya’s impressive knowledge of anatomy allows her to personalize the workout so that all participants can get the most of out of her class.  Highly recommended!

-Manny LaCarrubba

Last week, I injured my lower back and left hip while running. Naya taught me stretches to help relieve the pain. As she taught me the stretches, she explained anatomy and kinesiology that I hadn’t known before, despite being a professional baseball player and being athletic my whole life. Her Healthy Hips videos also taught me exercises to strengthen the weaker muscles. Doing those exercises on a daily basis helped me recover faster than I thought possible. I highly recommend Mindful Movement to anyone who wants to improve athletic performance, rehabilitate or prevent injury and to anyone who just wants to live a healthy life. Thank you!

-Yuri Pacho

Naya's Mindful Movement classes truly make me more mindful of my movement.  Naya trains with precision. She explains and demonstrates each movement precisely. She frequently reminds her students to engage the core, extend the spine, and other helpful tips of the practice. I am now more conscious of my position during movements in my daily life and feel this will result in a healthy back and better posture. I highly recommend Naya's Mindful Movement. 

-Sue Pollock

During this time of “Shelter in Place”, I have found having access to Naya’s online “Mindful Movement” classes to be more beneficial than I had anticipated.  Although I am familiar with the moves and positions, (having attended her classes at Body Kinetics), I was able to better position myself (during the online classes) in order to watch her demonstrate any movements that I had doubts or questions about.  Naya’s verbal cues are spot on.  She uses various descriptive phrases to help visualize and activate a particular movement. 

-Marie Townsend


Thank you, Naya!  I really enjoy and look forward to your class. The sound and visuals on Zoom are great! I understand the classes are multi-level and appreciate you offering add-ons for more of a challenge. A Mindful Movement session with Naya is the highlight of my day!  Thank you so much, Naya!! 

-Kathy Eggert

I really enjoyed the class yesterday. And, I definitely felt the abs work! I enjoyed the exercises, your always clear instructions and the flow of the exercises. Also, your notes about how to prepare and what to expect that you sent with the Zoom link in advance were helpful. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am so amazed and impressed by how you have launched this initiative and thought of all the details to make it safe, fun and effective for all of us! I am very grateful. 

-Delyn Kies


I thought the class was great today. I really appreciate you being here for us. I have to say I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude when I hear your voice. It brings some joy and comfort to be able to continue something that has been in my routine for awhile now. At this time, things are anything but routine, so any activity that can provide some peace of mind is much appreciated. I thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness in getting this together!  Support and community are so helpful. Thanks Naya. 

-Ann Jack

Thank you, Naya! Even 30 short minutes was enough to put me in the calm and focused space of Pilates and breath work. So welcome in this surreal time. I'll see you next week!

-Mary Carruth

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