Rollin'...Rollin'...Rollin' - Exercises for a Healthy Spine

Roll back, roll over, roll up, roll forward - all these Pilates-based exercises offer the opportunity to stretch and strengthen muscles along the spine and move through the joints between each vertebrae. Wherever you are, wherever you go - take your movement practice with you. I did this fun little routine while visiting Idaho last week. If this looks like a routine that would be healthy for your spine, give it a try - or just do the parts that work for you. *Those with osteoporosis/osteopenia may not be advised to do these exercises. Those with cervical spine (neck) restrictions may want to avoid roll over.* If this particular routine doesn't suit you, make up your own. You can also check out our "Mindful Movement - On the Move" playlist on our our YouTube channel) for inspiration. Subscribe (it's free) and you'll be updated when I add more "On the Move" videos. I hope to keep you moving mindfully, wherever you roll.

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Movement is medicine. Keep moving.

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