Mindful Movement blends Pilates, yoga and other movement modalities to improve the way you move through all activities. Our practice elevates mind-body connection and increases strength, flexibility, stability and mobility. Mindful Movement focuses on postural alignment, functional movement patterns, injury prevention and rehabilitation. We coach you to integrate this practice into athletics, professional work and daily routines to enhance performance and live with more joy, ease and freedom. Our goals reach far beyond a traditional fitness routine. Mindful Movement is where mind and body meet to play, to perform and to live fully! 


Join the movement and improve the way you move for the rest of your life!



Provide focused training in mind-body connection, movement performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation to ultimately sustain healthy, active lives.


-24/7 on-demand videos

-Online and in-person group classes

-Private coaching (online and in studio)

-Workshops, retreats and special events

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I'm Naya Calmels and I'm so happy that you've found Mindful Movement! Whether you're exploring my offerings as an athlete looking to enhance performance and prevent injury or someone who is dealing with chronic pain and hoping to find a way out of it -- I've been there and I feel you! I discovered Pilates in 2006, after sustaining a debilitating back injury while working as a firefighter/paramedic. I was 25 years-old and in the best shape of my life when my back injury turned my whole world upside down. Over the course of several months, I met with six different doctors, took the various pain medications they prescribed and stopped doing everything that brought me joy because it was too painful to do much of anything at all. After months of severe pain and developing depression, a neurosurgeon recommended Pilates. Through a consistent Pilates practice, I was able to reduce chronic pain, develop better muscle balance and learn functional movement patterns. I finally had hope of returning to myself again - the runner, surfer, dancer and optimistic person I once knew. Pilates empowered me to start healing and reclaim my life again! Read more about my story here.


Over the many years since my injury, I've continued to deepen my knowledge and expand my practice. I'm a certificated Integrative Movement Coach, Pilates teacher and yoga teacher. With great honor and passion, I share my knowledge and experience to help you find self-empowerment through movement.

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