Virtual Mindful Movement Classes via Zoom

A fun fusion of Pilates, yoga, dance and anything else that inspires us to move!

Practice with your friends, family and fitness community near and far with online classes. 

Momentous Mindful Movement: Wednesdays 12:15pm-1:00pm PST  

A customized, faster-paced class designed for intermediate/advanced movers. One-month commitment $10/session. New cohort at the beginning of each month. $15/drop-in session. Email me to sign up. Drop-ins: Please email me before 8am on the day of class. *Recommended props for this class: looped band, elastic strap, fitness sliders, Pilates ring.

Mellow Mindful Movement: Thursdays 10:00am-10:55am PST

A slower-paced class with more focus on alignment, balanced muscle development and stretching. I teach this class as a trainer through Body Kinetics. This class is currently offered free to the public. Click on the Zoom Link to access class.

*Optional props for this class: yoga blocks, yoga strap, inflatable ball, looped elastic band, elastic strap, foam roller.

Community Mindful Movement: Fridays 12:15-1:00pm PST

A mixed-level class designed to accommodate different fitness needs that will stretch and strengthen the whole body. I present variations to exercises, in order to simplify or add challenge to your practice. I offer this class to the public for free. Donations are gratefully accepted from those who are able to contribute. Mindful Movement members get access to a curated library of videos from these sessions. This is a great way to both continue supporting your practice and this class.


*Optional props for this class:

  • Standard props (if you have them): yoga blocks, yoga strap, inflatable ball, looped elastic band, elastic strap, light weights (less than 10 lbs.)


  • Household props: 1 bed pillow, weighted containers to use as weights, a strap-like object (belt, bungee cord, etc.), a book or other object that is as wide as your shoulders. Get creative with your props and use your imagination! This is a mind-body experience!

Click on the Zoom Link to access the class or use Meeting ID: 176 327 365 Password: 031980

*If you would like to make a donation for Community Mindful Movement, please do so via Venmo. You can find me listed as Naya Calmels or @ncalmels. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Instructions for using Zoom:

  • You will need to download the FREE version of Zoom, if you don't already have it. Please use this link: as there are many sites that are trying to sell Zoom or whatever else when you click on their links.

  • You will need a device that has the capability of running Zoom, has an imbedded camera and microphone. (Most current devices have this capability.)

  • You may find it helpful to "mirror" or Airplay our session on your TV, so that you have a larger viewing screen. (This isn't necessary, but scroll down to the photo below to see how much it may enhance your experience.)

If you have any problems, contact me at I'll do what I can to help you out.


***If you are looking for a more personalized experience, please check out my Private Coaching page, where I offer customized programs for individuals and small groups. ***

Photo credit: Ann Jack
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