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Hello! I'm Nicole "Naya" Calmels and I'm so happy that you've found my website! Whether you're exploring my offerings as an athlete looking to enhance performance and prevent injury or a person who is dealing with chronic pain and hoping to find a way out of it -- I've been there and I feel you! I discovered Pilates in 2006 after sustaining a debilitating back injury while working as a firefighter/paramedic. I was injured at 25 years-old, when I was in the best shape of my life. My back injury turned my whole world upside down. I saw countless doctors and physical therapists, took the pain medication they gave me and stopped doing everything that brought me joy because it was too painful to do much of anything at all. After months of chronic pain and misery, a neurosurgeon recommended that I try Pilates. Through what became a regular Pilates practice, I was able to reduce chronic pain, develop better muscle balance and learn functional movement patterns. Pilates empowered me to start healing and to start moving again! Over the many years since my injury, I've continued to deepen my knowledge and expand my practice. With great honor and passion, I share my knowledge and experience to help you find self-empowerment through movement.


As an integrative movement coach, I draw on my varied experiences as a school teacher, athlete, dancer, avid world traveler and nature enthusiast. My formal training in Pilates, yoga, Core Align and dance support my clients' health and fitness goals. As a former public educator with an M.A. in Education Administration, I recognize that a teacher shapes the experience for the student. The teacher's role is to educate the student, so that they may become proficient and self-sufficient. A coach takes that a step further to truly assess the individual's needs, recognize their strengths and weaknesses and develops a plan to support and encourage the individual to perform their very best. As your coach, I'm dedicated to helping you achieve optimal performance, deeper mind-body awareness and a healthier relationship with your body. I'm known for precise cueing, detailed attention to alignment and compassionate communication. I'm also known for being persistent (or stubborn), thorough and staying true to my beliefs. Those are the qualities that brought me to where I am today. I truly believe that movement is medicine. I'm back to doing the things that I love, but now I'm mindful about how I do them - and the work that it takes to continue being able to do the activities I love. 



After three years of being a consistent Pilates student, I completed my ITT Pilates Mat certification at Studio M in 2009 and immediately began teaching Pilates mat classes. In 2018, I took my Pilates training a step further and completed the Balanced Body Comprehensive Apparatus Instructor training and Core Align training. I also completed 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training through Yandara Yoga Institute and Gokhale Method Foundations Training. In addition to my personal practice, I continue to expand my knowledge through trainings in a variety of movement and bodywork modalities:

The Resilient Neck with Irene Dowd

The Foot Workout and Understanding the Low Back through Understanding the Psoas with Kelly Kane

Pelvic Revolution: Yoga, Breath and the Female Pelvis with Leslie Howard

MELT Method Introductory workshop with Michael Feldman

Unlocking the Hip Joints to Unlock the Spine with Kuan Hui Chew and Madeline Black 

"Centered" practice labs with Jean Sullivan

Neuromuscular Reprogramming Module 1 with Jocelyn Olivier

Anatomy for Health and Fitness Professionals at Life Chiropractic College

Sports Nutrition with John Hoeber

Fascia in Motion with Elizabeth Larkum

The Running Clinic - specialist training


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