Mindful Movement is a physical practice that engages mental focus, to train your body for optimal movement through all activities. The mind-body connection achieved through its practice can extend to activities such as athletics, professional work and daily routines. My goal for you reaches far beyond a traditional fitness routine. My goal is to positively influence the way that you move for the rest of your life!


My approach to mindful movement is to thoughtfully design a program of functional exercises that create balance, coordination, strength and flexibility within the body. When performed properly, these exercises create a stronger mind-body connection to facilitate healthy movement patterns that prevent injury, assist in rehabilitation from injury and improve physical and mental performance. I'm proud to offer a variety of mindful movement forms through Pilates, yoga and dance. If you're ready to integrate a mindful movement practice into your life, you've taken the first step toward reaching your goal. Now, it's time to act!


All of my offerings are designed to meet your personal fitness goals, whether through online coaching or group classes, video series or one-to-one sessions in my private studio (photos below.) I focus on postural alignment, functional movement patterns, injury prevention and rehabilitation. I love teaching workshops and hosting special events! Contact me to discuss bringing Mindful Movement into your life.


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